Pet Cremation Services

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Losing a beloved pet is a life-changing experience, but one that can be made just that little bit easier with the help of the kind and professional team at Passing Paws Pet Cremations. Choose from our extensive range of urns and keepsakes, from the tiniest mouse up to your equine friends; we have hand-selected Australia’s largest range of personalised memorabilia to help memorialize your pet the way they deserve,

Cremation Types

Passing Paws is Perth’s private cremation specialist, this means your pet will be cremated in their own chamber within our accredited facility and all of your loved one’s ashes will be returned to you. The only difference between our standard cremation and Same day service is the speed in which you desire to be reunited with your pet. Should you wish to be reunited with your treasured companion the same day, we will gladly assist you by offering our Premium Same-Day Private Cremation service. You are very welcome to come to us in Neerabup and wait whilst the Same-Day Private Cremation takes place, ensuring that you are never far apart and can be reunited with your beloved pooch with priority or contact us directly.

Dog Cremation Perth

Remember your best friend for life At Passing Paws, we understand that dogs are without a doubt one of life’s biggest blessings. They bring endless joy to our sometimes
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cat cremation

Cat Cremation Perth

Perth’s leading cat cremation service Cats are our constant companions and the ultimate characters in our homes. Losing a beloved feline friend is made easier thanks to the
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Horse Cremation

Horse Cremation Services Our expansion into horse cremations has been an organic one, with so many of our own team being horse lovers and riders themselves. We understand the
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feathered friends

Bird Cremation Perth

Commemorate your feathered friend Only if you’ve owned a bird, can you understand the true character and companionship that they bring to a home. At Passing Paws, we understand
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pocket pets

Rabbit, Reptile & Pocket Pets Cremation

Cremation of your pets We are proud to offer Private Cremation services for Pocket Pets as we understand how special these sweet little animals are. They offer endless joy with a
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