At Passing Paws, we understand that pets are without a doubt one of life’s biggest blessings. They bring endless joy to our sometimes stressful lives and their happiness is infectious. A question that many families ask when losing a beloved pet is, “should I cremate my pet?”. At Passing Paws we deal daily with bereaved pet owners who are unsure as to what to do next once their furry companion has passed on.

The question of cremation versus burial is often the most important one when a cherished pet passes on. When it comes to cremations, at Passing Paws we are able to offer pet owners absolute peace of mind when it comes to the cremation of their pets. Most families aren’t able to bury their pets now due to council restrictions and often families are renting which would then mean leaving a beloved family member behind when the family moved homes. A lot of homes are also a multi-pet household and so there is added worry about the pet’s body being disturbed by others. Cremating your pet allows for them to be safely reunited and taken with you on the rest of your life’s journey, wherever that may take you.

Whether your dog has passed at home or at your local veterinary clinic, the experienced staff at Passing Paws will be able to arrange their collection for cremation. We understand your grief and we promise to handle every situation with the utmost care and sensitivity.



PetTrack™ System

We guarantee you will receive only your beloved companion’s ashes back through our PetTrack system, which requires individual barcoding and staff signatures before any pet proceeds through the process. It means we can individually track each pet and provide you with peace of mind that you will receive their ashes and nothing else. A full record can be made available

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We work with different cultures to provide the ceremonies and traditions that give comfort and closure for you and your family.

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