Pet Funeral Services

A final celebration to say goodbye

Having a celebratory send off for your furry friend is extremely important for many pet owners. Not only is a funeral service a chance for you and your loved ones to say goodbye, but it is also an opportunity to celebrate your pet’s life in an intimate and personalised way.

Passing Paws offers pet funeral services in Perth that are both compassionate and professional. Our qualified, kind staff are trained to conduct pet memorial services in our Garden of Rest, a scenic setting that is perfect for your pet’s final farewell.

A funeral service and official goodbye, can be a  key element in the healing process of grieving. It is often important, especially for children, to be able to say a final goodbye and understand that their pet is now safely and happily in heaven. We will assist and take care of all of your pet’s funeral arrangements and make sure the process is both an easy and stress-free one for you.

Call the professionals at Passing Paws today on 08 6444 6670 – Perth’s leading pet funeral service provider.

At Passing Paws, we also offer clients the following:

  • Garden of Rest – unfortunately some families weren’t able to be with their beloved companion when they passed. Having a viewing in the Garden of Rest allows for final farewells to be said and gives closure which is very important in the grieving process. You can book the purpose made Garden of Rest for a viewing and spend as much time with your friend as you’d like. Just let the team at Passing Paws know how much time you’d like so they can make preparations to ensure everything is perfect.

Pet Memorabilia

Remembering your dog, cat, bird or other small pet for years to come is often the last step in the grieving process. Many clients choose a keepsake or piece of memorabilia that uniquely signifies their special companion. At Passing Paws, we offer a host of memorabilia such as scatter urns, glass jewellery, Rosewood box urns and other personalised pieces. Have a look at our Pet Memorabilia Store to view all of our personalised, carefully crafted options.

Passing Paws, pet cremations with care.

Pet Funeral Services
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