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It has been said that time spent with cats is never wasted. Author, Terry Pratchett, once wrote that in ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they’ve never forgotten this. Cats are our constant companions and the ultimate characters in our homes. Losing a beloved feline friend is made easier thanks to the professional cat cremation services at Passing Paws.

Our team of dedicated, sympathetic staff are highly trained in dealing with cat cremations in Perth and offer the highest standards of care and quality too. We will gladly collect your cherished companion from your home or your local vet and have their ashes returned to you to remember them by, forever.

At Passing Paws we will guide you through the cat cremation process, offering you personalised care at every point. Your wishes dictate the cremation process and we will make sure that everything is exactly as you’d like, and as your beloved pet deserves.

Cremation prices

Prices include the following; Personalised Certificate of Cremation with your pets paw print in the bottom corner, a comfort poem, a seeded paper token with Forget-me-not flower seeds and a remembrance candle.

(0-1kg = $199)   (1.1-9kg = $245)   (9.1-24kg = $275)

Same day service

Should you wish to have your treasured feline reunited with you and your family on the same day they have passed, our Premium Same Day Service will ensure that happens. We will collect your pet from your home or local veterinarian, prioritise their private cremation service and have the ashes back to you in a special cat urn, or personalised keepsake of your choice, on the same day.

(0-1kg = $349)   (1.1-9kg = $395)   (9.1-24kg = $425)

Cat Funeral Service and Viewings

In our Garden of Rest, we offer our clients the ability to say goodbye to their cherished pet through a personalised funeral in the perfect setting. Sometimes pets pass when their families are away and so a service or viewing helps offer a tiny bit of closure through the grieving process. It also allows for families to say their final goodbyes in a peaceful and stress free environment as the Garden is booked out for your private use only.

Grief Counselling

Dealing with grief is a huge part of losing a loved on. At Passing Paws, we offer complimentary monthly Empathy Sessions for our clients, which allows you to share with others dealing with the same grief and allows the healing process to take place in a supportive environment. Unfortunately not every friend or family member will truly understand how much your pet meant to you but being in a room full of people who do understand can make the world of difference.

Contact Passing Paws, pet cremations with care.

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