What happens Next

The What Happens Next Campaign

The ‘What Happens Next Campaign’ has been designed by Passing Paws to provide the resources and advice needed to help families come to terms with the grief and the feeling of loss that is experienced when losing a companion. 

It is Passing Paws’ desires to recognise and normalise the feelings of grief within the pet industry and to implement the status that, ‘It is not just a pet’ that passes, but more a family member and so the grief and loss experienced is very real and requires the right level of support and care.

The following attachments are designed to be delivered to all families at no cost to the family or the Vet Practice, either prior to or at the time of Euthanasia to help prepare families with what happens next.

There is no obligation to use Passing Paws, this is a free service provided to the industry to help support families and Vets at their time in need

Private Family

We work with different cultures to provide the ceremonies and traditions that give comfort and closure for you and your family.

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