Ways to memorialise a pet

Great ideas to remember your furry friends

As humans, it’s natural for us to want to memorialise someone we’ve loved. When it comes to the life of a pet and being able to remember them for years to come, wanting something beautiful and intimate to remember them by goes without saying.

When it comes to the variety of options and ways to memorialise a pet, choosing a keepsake can be extremely precious. Having something to look at, hold and touch can be very soothing and can bring a smile to your face on even the darkest of days.

Cremation Urns

If you’ve chosen to have your friend cremated, many people wonder what to do with their pet’s ashes? Keeping their ashes in an urn or cremation keepsake is a great option. Urns are a great option to choose are:

Garden Memorabilia

Other cremation ideas for ashes include opting for memorabilia that can be placed in the garden, around which the ashes can be scattered. This allows pet owners the ability to visit a favourite spot in their garden, or perhaps scattering your pet’s ashes in a park or favourite recreational spot is what is the most suitable decision for your pet.

Memorialize your pet with jewellery

Many pet owners prefer the option of having a piece of jewellery, keepsake or cremation urn created that can be worn or kept close to them at all times. Options like personalised key chains, jewellery urns, or glass jewellery with a bit of your pet’s ashes helps capture your beloved companion.

Personalised keepsakes

There are many ways to memorialise a pet with personalised keepsakes. Some pet owners might also choose to create their own works of art such as paintings, picture collages, or other hand-crafted ideas to remember their best friend by.

No matter what you choose, it will no doubt symbolise your happy-go-lucky companion perfectly, and have you recalling the happiest of times just by looking at it.

For more ways to honor you friend and keep their memories alive visit our pet memorabilia store. For more pet and cremation advice please visit our Blog.

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