Pool Safety For Dogs

Keep Your Dog Safe With These 5 Essential Tips

Unbeknown to many dog owners, pool safety is not only a summer concern. The cooler temperatures and wet weather in winter remind us that this is the perfect time to consider our five essential tips for keeping your dog safe and in your life for as long as possible.


Pool fencing comes in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, so do our pets, so it’s important that we as pet parents do a few extra checks to ensure your fence is pet-proof. 

Cover any gaps and check regularly for holes or tunnel digging. You’d be amazed at how resourceful our dogs can be when they want to get somewhere!

Keep furniture away from the fence to prevent your dog from jumping over. A table or chair placed next to a pool fence can provide a convenient stepping stone into the water.

Tarps and Netting

Remove any tarps or nets if you are going out. Pool covers can trap pets beneath the water if they fall in.

With this in mind, it’s also a good idea to remove toys and flotation devices from the pool to prevent any temptation for your dog to jump in and play.

Exit Strategy

Teach your dog where the pool steps are. 

Consider graduated steps if building a pool, or if you have a ladder, install a non-slip ramp.

Swimming Lessons

Not all dogs know how to swim. Some are unable to swim due to their anatomy or coat type. For example, an Old English Sheepdog can easily be weighed down by its coat if it falls into a pool. Other dogs such as Dachsunds are not strong swimmers as their little legs are barely long enough to paddle.

Invest in a flotation device or life jacket to help keep your dog afloat while you teach them how to reach the pool steps.

Learn Doggy CPR

Some veterinary clinics run classes or they may be able to teach you CPR techniques. Contact your local vet for more information. 

With some helpful instructions and quick action, you could save your dog’s life.

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