How to deal with the passing of your bird

Unsure what to do now that your bird has passed on?

Birds are much beloved pets and companions for many people across the world. Their sweet songs and cheerful dispositions provide companionship that brightens up the day like no-one else can.

At Passing Paws, we understand that losing a cherished friend like a bird can be hard to deal with. Many people often ask us, “my bird has died, what do I do now?” – the answer to the question is both a practical and emotional one. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, this is our advice to anyone who has lost a feathered friend.

My bird died, what do I do with the body?

If your bird has passed on and you are unsure as to what to do next, we recommend calling Passing Paws. We will collect your bird from your home or local veterinarian and transport them to our state-of-the art facility for cremation.

When it comes to cremation, you have the ability to choose from a host of different options, namely;

  • Private cremations – this option allows your dear friend to be cremated privately, and for their ashes to be collected individually thereafter. You will then be able to receive the ashes back in a personalised urn or box of your choice.
  • Same Day Premium service – some bird owners want to be reunited with their loved pet as soon as possible. The Premium Same Day service will prioritise your bird’s private cremation, allowing you to receive their ashes back on the same day you’ve requested our services.

My bird died, I am so sad

When a much-loved, constant companion passes, grief is most certainly a huge part of the process. Figuring out how to deal with the sadness can be overwhelming and shouldn’t be dealt with alone. Our professional, compassionate staff are trained to help you through the very difficult time of losing a pet and also help your family members and children as well. We offer free Empathy Sessions once a month to which families can join together with other families and enhance their healing journey too.

At Passing Paws we also offer;

You don’t have to feel alone when a best friend passes on, call Passing Paws today on 08 6444 6670 to help you deal with the loss and most importantly celebrate the wonderful life of your pet, in the happiest and best way possible.

For more pet and cremation advice please visit our Blog.

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