Isolation Services

We wish to be respectful of the current environment and distancing laws while continuing to offer our support and service to all families who lose a pet in already difficult times. So Passing Paws have made the below amendments to our services to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our communities safe, while completing our important work.


Safe Home Collection

Before we arrive at your home we will contact you to understand your situation and make any amendments necessary to the collection to ensure we are all reducing risk and enforcing the social distancing regulations.
In most situations, we will leave a padded basket outside your house and maintain a respectful distance as you lay your deceased loved one inside. Our team will then carry the basket to our vehicles and complete the cremation. At all times our staff will be gloved and adhere to strict hygiene measures. All urns and ashes will be handled with gloves and be sanitised using alcohol swabs before being placed back at your front door.
In situations where we are required to enter your home, perhaps to assist elderly clients in removing their pet, we will maintain a 1.5m distance and ensure no surfaces are touched unnecessarily. If your pet requires heavy lifting, we will ensure we have two Passing Paws team members available so our client does not need to put themselves in danger of transmission. Payments will be requested to be made over the phone and receipts will be sent electronically.


Free phone counselling

Losing a pet during a time of enforced isolation can make the experience even harder, so we will now be offering over the phone counselling sessions for those grieving to continue getting the support they need.
If you would like to take advantage of this service, please contact our office and we will book in a time that is mutually beneficial.
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At-home euthanasia

Our team can gently and humanely provide a dignified end of life service for suffering pets in the comfort of their own home, completing the cremation and returning you with a beautiful momento of your loved one at no additional cost. See more here.


Free phone advice

We understand not everyone may want to spend time in a busy vet waiting room, so our team are available 24/7 to discuss your options in helping your sick or elderly beloved pet.

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