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Remember your best friend for life

The kindest, most loyal pets in the animal kingdom, dogs truly are our best friends. What better way to celebrate the life of a best friend then through a caring, private dog cremation service.

At Passing Paws, we understand that dogs are without a doubt one of life’s biggest blessings. They bring endless joy to our sometimes-stressful lives and their happiness is infectious. We offer the highest quality services in dog cremation in Perth which allows you to say goodbye to your furry friend in the most dignified way.

Our state-of-the-art dog crematorium meets with the highest Australian standards and our team of professional, caring staff will treat your beloved pooch with kindness and respect throughout the dog cremation process.

If you are looking to celebrate a lifetime full of memories with your beloved furry friend, call Passing Paws today on 08 6444 6670 – Perth’s Private Cremation Specialists.

You may be wondering what the dog cremation process is and how much it is to cremate a dog? Let us guide you through our holistic, caring services at Passing Paws.

Dog Cremation Service

Whether your dog is at home or at your local veterinarian, the experienced staff at Passing Paws will be able to collect your pet for cremation. All our staff are trained to deal with the grief of a pet owner and their families and will be able to handle each situation with the utmost care and sensitivity. Prices include the following; Personalised Certificate of Cremation with your pets paw print in the bottom corner, a comfort poem, a seeded paper token with Forget-me-not flower seeds and a remembrance candle.

(0-1kg = $199).  (1.1-9kg = $245). (9.1-24kg = $275)  (24.1-40kg = $295)  (40kg+ = $380)

Same Day Service

Should you wish to be reunited with your treasured companion the same day, we will gladly assist you by offering our Premium Same Day Private Cremation service with their ashes being returned to you on the same day or the next day. You are very welcome to come to us in Neerabup and wait whilst the Same Day Private Cremation takes place, this ensures you are never far apart and you can be reunited with your beloved pooch with priority. Or you can take advantage of our Home Delivery service.

(0-1kg = $349).  (1.1-9kg = $395). (9.1-24kg = $425)  (24.1-40kg = $445)  (40kg+ = $530)

Dog Funeral Service and Viewings

Saying goodbye to your lifelong companion is something that many people want to commemorate through a funeral service. Our qualified team will be able to facilitate a final goodbye in the serene surrounds of our Garden of Rest, the perfect setting for a farewell service to your best friend. You may want something as simple as a viewing with candles lit, or you may wish to organise flowers, music and a celebrant. Whatever you choose we can guide and help you through the process to ensure everything is perfect.

Pet Memorabilia

Remember your cherished pet for years to come with our variety of pet memorabilia available. From personalised keyrings, to carefully crafted, personalised cremation urns, we have something for everyone to remember their animal’s life with.

Grief Counselling

Our team are on hand 24/7 to help you deal with the passing of your much-loved pooch. We also offer a complimentary monthly Empathy Session for grieving families to attend, in order to deal with the grief and enhance the healing process of losing a family dog.

When it comes to commemorating the life of a dog, there is no better way to do it than through a celebration. At Passing Paws we help you celebrate a life filled with sloppy kisses and wagging tails thanks to our caring dog cremation services.

Passing Paws, pet cremations with care.

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