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Commemorate your feathered friend

Only if you’ve owned a bird, can you understand the true character and companionship that they bring to a home. As the most colourful and chatty characters in the animal kingdom, a bird’s life is one that should be celebrated with happiness. At Passing Paws, we understand how a bird grows in your heart and that’s why offering compassionate bird cremations in Perth for your tiny, feathered friend is so close to our hearts.

We are proud to be able to offer pet owners the ability to have private bird cremation services for beloved birds and offer a host of other services too. Our team of professional, kind staff are dedicated to making the experience of losing your avian friend as caring as possible.

We will be able to collect your bird from your home, or from your local veterinarian for cremation. You also have the option of bringing them to our state-of-the-art pet crematorium in Neerabup. We will ensure that your bird’s final flight is a gentle and beautiful one, and that their memory lives on perfectly.

Call the professionals at Passing Paws today on 08 9306 2736 – Perth’s Private Cremation Specialists.

When it comes to bird cremations in Perth, we proudly offer the following services:

Private Cremations

If you choose to have your bird privately cremated, you will be able to have their ashes returned back to you. We will place the ashes of your beloved companion, in a bird cremation urn of your choosing or in a scatter box for scattering in their final resting place later on.

We also offer a Premium Same Day Cremation service for those clients wanting to be reunited with their pets  on the same day. Priority is given to your pet, and we will collect, cremate and return their ashes to you all on the same day. 

Pet Memorabilia

Many clients wish to remember their loved pets in the most special way possible. Specially crafted bird cremation urns and boxes can be an eternal keepsake to remember your colourful character for years to come. We also offer bird cremation jewellery such as jewellery urns, and other personalised collections and keepsakes to remember your friend fondly. Ask one of our friendly, compassionate staff about the bird urns for ashes that are available for you, today.

Grief Counselling

Our pets give us some of our happiest days but also one of the worst. Saying goodbye is truly an awful experience and we ensure that your family is looked after through the grief. At Passing Paws, we understand that losing a beloved bird can be extremely hard. All our staff are trained to help our clients through the grief of losing a pet, and we offer free Empathy Sessions monthly which allows pet owners and families to come together to enhance their healing process.

Bird funeral Service and Viewings

Saying a final goodbye in the serene surroundings of our Garden of Rest is a request that many pet owners make. With family and friends around you, you are able to give your bird the perfect send off with a private funeral service.

At Passing Paws, we truly understand the bond you share and how special your pet is to you. We go the extra mile and promise to treat your companion with the utmost respect that they deserve.

Passing Paws, pet cremations with care.

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