Julia M

I would like to thank the team of very friendly and supportive people from this service who have helped to make it as loving as possible. From the moment Edith took my call on Sat night, over the phone counselling a couple of days later, answering any of my questions (i had a lot) with understanding and professionalism through to home delivery by Ryan, it felt very comforting to be able to farewell our lovely birdy with so much grace and compassion. They truly brought very much needed comfort to my broken heart by a sudden loss of my long term companion and friend. I couldn’t have asked for more for our beautiful Suncha.

Jessica G

Losing our Cat Bliss was a huge shock, and completely heartbreaking. You guys made the process so much more easier, from coming to collect her, to the phone calls to explain our options. To personally bringing her back home to us. The compassion your team has is something each and every one of you should be proud of. I walk past her memorial box and instead of feeling empty I have a little smile, you have made it into everything she deserved and more. I could never thankyou enough.

Belinda R

Lee and Edith; what a pair of Angels. Sadly, we lost both our kids this week and it was devastating. Passing Paws was gentle, sympathetic and as far as I know; the only pet crematorium that allows you the same day service. This process helped us so much with our grieving and closure. It was so nice to have our furbaby’s home with us without worrying what was happening to them. Everything was done in a very professional and compassionate manner and it made the final journey for our kids, at least a little bearable. Thank you Passing Paws; Arigatou gozaimasu. With our love Arthur and Belinda

Antonia M

I am so incredibly grateful for the wonderful, caring, respectful and outstanding service and care that was given to my darling pet rabbit Muffin who was sadly euthanised due to old age and medical problems resulting in a poor quality of life in his twilight years. Muffin had been a part of our family for 11 years (pretty long life for a rabbit). We were devastated and grieving and had no idea about how to lay our bunny to rest. Our vet put us on to Passing Paws who guided and handled the whole situation in such a respectful, compassionate and professional manner. They completely took away any burden of us trying to work out what to do and this allowed us to just concentrate on coming to terms with his death. Everything was beautifully done right from the beginning where they let us know that Muffin was safely with them from the vet’s through to the lovely peaceful pick up where they respectfully carried out his ashes in the beautiful urn we had chosen. This brought such peace in such a difficult and heartbreaking time. Muffin was beautifully looked after, and for that we are so grateful. Thank you so much guys for all you’ve done, we will never forget how our precious bunny had such a beautiful, caring and meaningful send off.

Azalene W

Dear Passing Paws, thank you for comforting us at 11:30 pm the night our beloved Great Dane-X died and fetching him the next morning. Preparing him for cremation and delivered the same day the most beautiful Memory Box any family could ask for under the circumstances. We were not expecting our Big Boy to die so suddenly, and the shock was incredibly overwhelming. Lee’s gentle words during the night giving us choices to pick him up or make him comfortable for next day pick up helped us to say our last goodbye during the night and the following day before his body left us for good. Thank you very much, we are happily recommending your service to others in need of support and beautiful memories… (PS: The lock of hair that you guys included was an incredible addition to the box, and that made it very personal)

Carla S

We just lost our dear little dog Jessie after 15 years and our vet recommended Passing Paws. Such a professional and compassionate business that kept us informed and comforted right through the cremation process. The entire team were so respectful and caring. I would thoroughly recommend Passing Paws to anyone who loves their pet and wants them farewelled in the most loving and dignified way possible.

Vanessa T

I can not say enough good things about this business. Recently my best friend lost her larger than life dog. She was devastated, to say the least, and those of us who knew him well felt the enormous loss as well. I had met the Passing Paws team at one of the various pet fairs that I attend regularly and liked their attitude and professionalism, so I suggested that they may be someone she would like to contact. Her precious boy was laid to rest very late in the day, and while she hadn’t contacted them directly the vet had let Passing Paws know he would be coming to them. Within the hour she received a text to say that they would take care of him. Another 2.5 hours later (7.30pm) she received another text to say that they had been to collect him. The text was graceful, respectful and extremely comforting. The following day we joined her boy at the facility to say our last goodbyes and finalise arrangements. The staff were just amazing. Professional, compassionate and in tune with their client’s needs. I have organised human funerals and they were not handled nearly as well as this company handles beloved pets. They have a lot to teach other business about how to do business with heart and soul. I hope you won’t need this type of service, but if you do, I implore you to talk to these guys. Thank you Passing Paws, your grace was extraordinary

Shonna R

Your team took such good care of my Lola. The certificate, lovely candle, seeds and memory card that came back with her touched my heart. Thank you for your kindness. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who needs help with the passing of their dearest pets.

Rachel B

Thankyou for taking such care with our precious girl Akira. Edith, Ryan and Lee – Thankyou for the kind, compassionate service you provided. I can’t imagine dealing with grieving people everyday is easy but you do it amazingly well xx

Haylee K

Cannot recommend Passing Paws enough. We have unfortunately had to have 3 pets cremated in the last year and they have been amazing each time. They are very caring and compassionate people and being in the veterinary industry myself I have to deal with cremation companies all the time and will always use Passing Paws for my loved furry ones and will recommend them to anyone that will listen. Thank you again!!

Tiffany C

Thank you Passing Paws for taking care of my Zak with such respect and kindness. Every phone call was returned WHEN I was told it would be, how often does that happen these days? My questions were answered, and beautiful & gentle advice was shared. I was very quick to take possession of Zak when he was brought home, because I didn’t want to burst into tears! But I needed you to know how grateful I am for what you have done for me. Thank you so very, very much. I highly recommend choosing this wonderful family business. You can trust them to take the best care of your fur baby.

Jazz M

When our little fur baby, Ollie died unexpectedly I knew I wanted to get her cremated but had no idea where to start. I only knew I wanted her cremated as soon as possible & that I wanted to make sure it was her ashes I was getting back. I called around a few places and they were talking about putting her body in a freezer overnight & getting the ashes back to me in a couple of days. The staff at Passing Paws were so accommodating & understanding. We were able to get the cremation done that afternoon & Ollie’s ashes back that same day. They even let us view her wrapped up body going into the furnace. We were able to say goodbye to her & it made her passing a little more bearable. Thank you for everything guys.

Emma G

This company was beyond amazing!! Unfortunately we had to make the decision to put our dog to sleep due to old age and Passing Paws helped with this process in an incredibly caring and loving way. We received constant updates on where Sox was and even got a message when she was safely with them. I wish I could give you over 5 stars for the love that you put in everyday <3 Thank you